Project Liberian Women Entrepreneurs

On commission for Piece Child International Guilhem traveled to Paynesville in Liberia to photograph and interview successful micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) owners and directors. The women all went through the Be the Change Academy program funded by Peace Child International.

The work will be used for a brochure produced and designed by communications, campaigning and fundraising agency Eden Stanley.

“So far this year I have had one big contract and one more coming up this Friday. I believe that this year I can get at least one contract a month, and I expect to have made close to $5,000 in savings. I anticipate that my turnover should be around $12,000 for the year”.

Mangee Williams

Mangee started with a $200 loan and received business training from the Be the Change Academy. It is her second year in business.


Guilhem says “I chose to photograph these women in the same way I would have photographed business women here in the UK, using lights and asking them to pose in a corporate way; and shooting wide to keep them in context. Because in my view they are no different”.