Project Improving Farmers Lives in Western Honduras

On commission for CropLife International, Multimedia Producer Guilhem Alandry traveled to Intibucá in Honduras to document the life of farmers in the western part of the country.

USAID-ACCESO, a four-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development and CropLife, is assisting more than 30,000 households in six departments in western Honduras. The project is working to lift rural households out of poverty and undernutrition through access to economic development opportunities and improved health and nutrition practices. The project is increasing sales and incomes by introducing basic production practices and market-driven programs for high-value cash crops, as well as expanding off-farm microenterprise and employment opportunities.

“Thousands of farmers and their families are benefiting from this training,” says Gabriela Briceno, stewardship programs coordinator of CropLife Latin America. “Collectively, with CropLife Latin America partners and local training organizations, we are making a difference in farmers’ lives — from increased money in their pockets to human and environmental health protection.”