Project AYAKI, The Looter

Doculab was commissioned by St Clare’s foundation to create a video, photograpy, case studies and a brochure to help them fundraise for the children’s home they are building in Western Kenya.

Doculab wrote, shot and edited a 10 minute film and a 2 minute trailer; we also gathered 10 cases studies, which included interviews and photography. We designed the logo and visual identity of the St Clare’s foundation,  and put together a brochure and designed the foundation’s website.

St Clare’s has been involved with helping aids orphans in western Kenya for several years. But after seeing the need dramatically and the amount of children their partner organization were having to house in temporary solutions, they decided to help built an orphanage.  Western Kenya has been much worse hit than the rest of Kenya by the AIDS crisis.

St Clare’s have now finished the first stage of the children’s home, and the first 100 children have been moved from temporary accommodation into the brand new homes.

In Kenya, an estimated 1.3 million people are thought to have HIV or Aids, and there are 650,000 Aids orphans. Nyanza, the region where St Clare’s Foundation is working, is the worst-hit in the country. While 7% of Kenya’s population is HIV-positive, in Nyanza this figure rises to 15%. The overall rate of infection in Kenya is falling, but in Nyanza it is rising.