Water in Dhaka


Doculab is a London and Copenhagen based multimedia communication and marketing studio. We offer a range of skills to develop powerful digital stories, combining anthropological tools, multimedia production technology, photography, audio, video and journalism.


DocuLab provides comprehensive and complete multimedia communication solutions to clients from concept to production, creating powerful storytelling experiences.

We work in close collaboration with our clients to understand their needs in order to define and develop a tailored approach to a given brief.

The skills of our team range from visual anthropology, innovation, concept development, viral and social media campaign to photography, video and interactive multimedia products.


We want to be part of the great history of storytelling, that links humans together and has been used to transfer knowledge from generation to generation. Stories help us transmit values, they bring people together, they inspire change and touch people.

Today stories reach further than ever before due to the rapid development of multimedia platforms and tools.

At Doculab we build multimedia platforms and use multimedia tools to tell the tales of the future, whether they are fictional, factual, humanitarian or promotional.


Anna Kåri
Award winning photojournalist and multimedia producer.

Guilhem Alandry
Documentary photographer, videographer and multimedia producer.