Adi Sibhat, Tigray, Ethiopia

The Big Pipe Project

Guilhem travels to Adi Sibhat in Ethiopia and spends three weeks shooting the photography for WaterAid’s latest campaign, The Big Pipe Project.   “The Big Pipe Project aims to raise £1 million to bring safe water to 130,000 people in Ethiopia”. …


Community Disaster Management in Vietnam

On a multimedia assignment for Malteser International, Guilhem  travelled to central Vietnam  to produce a series of shorts films on disaster risk reduction and flood preparedness for persons with disability and their families.  


Water in Bangladesh

Guilhem travels accross Bangladesh to shoot a series of short films and a web-documentary on the issues of water and sanitation for WaterAid.

Asefu Reade, 18, in front of her home in Adi Sibhat, Tigray, Ethiopia.

A special moment

A little while ago I traveled to Adi Sibhat in Ethiopia on a WaterAid commission. A few month later WaterAid staff brought some prints back to the community and made a short film out of people’s reaction. Though I sometimes …